TODO Group community is open to all and is formed by its Community participants (including OSPO Associates) and General Members. Sometimes, there are community participants who wish to show their organization efforts on fostering OSPO adoption and enabling the worldwide community of practitioners.

What is the OSPO Associate Program and the OSPO Associates?

The OSPO Associate is a TODO Program that aims to work collaboratively across communities that are helping the OSPO movement to build the most comprehensive OSPO solutions infrastructure and network.

Entities decide to apply for OSPO Associate Program for many reasons, including:

Who can request to be an OSPO Associate?

As an OSPO Associate, your organization needs to be focused on OSPO-related topics. An OSPO Associate may not necessarily have an OSPO, but aims to collaborate with TODO to improve OSPO adoption and education, resources, and initiatives.

Entities who can apply for OSPO Associate include:

The OSPO Associates program is not intended for service providers. Individuals can always join the community and access our resources, following TODO’s code of conduct.

Note: if your organization (e.g academia, government, NGO) has a formal and recognized open source strategy, center of excellence around open source or Open Source Program Office (OSPO), please consider supporting and sponsoring TODO as General Member to be entitled to General Member benefits.

Being promoted as an OSPO Associate, means that your organization is committed to collaborating with other peers to enrich the OSPO resources, tools, and services infrastructure and offer better assistance to OSPO.

Requirements: Fulfill the TODO OSPO Associate submission checklist

What are the benefits of becoming an OSPO Associate?

Benefits include:

How can I Apply?

Requests will be done through OSPO Landscape project. If you think your entity meet the criteria to be an OSPO Associate:

  1. Open a new TODO OSPO Associate Issue - Open an issue on the landscape. Please, make sure you fulfill the pre-submission checklist and answer all the questions required within the issue.

  2. Wait until the TODO PM checks if the organization meets the criteria and approves / declines the request

  3. If the request is accepted, please open a pull request to add it to landscape.yml under OSPO Adopter category and OSPO Associate subcategory. For the logo, you can either upload an SVG to the hosted_logos directory or put a URL as the value, and it will be fetched.

Netlify will generate a staging server for you to preview your updates. Please check that the logo and information appear correctly and then add LGTM to the pull request confirming your review and requesting a merge.

If you have any issues, you can ask TODO PM to do this process for you instead.

Where can I find more info?

There are a lot of initiatives & resources where an OSPO Associate can get involved that are listed in the TODO Guides and Resources.

If you would like to know where your specific project initiatives could fit in the TODO programs or would like to know more details, please contact and she will schedule a Sync call to answer any questions.

Note: OSPO Associate Program is different from TODO Group General Membership and not entitled to general member benefits.