LFAPAC OSPO SIG from China Joins as New Associates

We are thrilled to announce that LF APAC OSPO SIG Community from China has joined the TODO Group as new OSPO Associates. About LF APAC OSPO SIG Since 2021, LF APAC OSPO SIG has been pioneering the “OSPO 10,000 Miles Journey” series of regular OSPO meetups. This initiative has been key in fostering open source practices within chinese organizations and knowledge-sharing across the region. Helping OSPO Adoption in China and Collaborating with the Global OSPO Community This exciting new collaboration between LF APAC and TODO is set to unfold numerous initiatives aimed at enriching the global OSPO community:

Help Shape the 2024 OSPO Survey: Call for Community Feedback

As with previous years, TODO Group is inviting community feedback to ensure the 2024 survey accurately captures the varied needs and challenges of the OSPO community. This is your opportunity to voice your ideas and suggest what should be included in the OSPO Survey for 2024. How Can I Contribute as Individual? Just submit your suggestions for the 2024 questionnaire by opening an Issue on the TODO survey repo. We’re looking for feedback from open source professionals working in OSPOs, as well as stakeholders closely involved with open source teams / centers within organizations (AKA OSPOs), on new questions, topics to cover, or ideas for refining our approach.

OSPOlogyLive Apeldoorn: Insights from The Dutch Tax Administration

OSPOlogyLive Apeldoorn set the stage for an exchange of insights in open source management and day-to-day operations. The set up included panel discussions, interactive presentations, and roundtable discussions, fostering an environment where participants could share their experiences, challenges, and solutions in real-time, paving the way for actionable insights and mutual learning. Participants ranged from government bodies representatives like the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, to institutions such as TNO and SURF, as well as foundations and non-profits, including the Linux Foundation Europe, InnerSoruce Commons, Foundation for Public Code, Python Foundation and Apache Foundation.

Updates from the OSPO Landscape Dashboard

The OSPO Lanscape has migrated to landscape2. This enhancement is designed to offer a more user-friendly experience for navigating the vast world of open source program offices (OSPO), including adopter organizations and tooling useful for an OSPO day-to-day operations (e.g. automation on security checks, license scanning tools, developer burnout, etc). Check out the new view at! For organizations Not Yet Featured as OSPO adopters If you are part of an OSPO and notice that your organization is not currently listed as an adopter on our landscape, we warmly invite you to make your presence known.

2024 TODO Strategic Goals

Conversations within the TODO Community are increasingly centered around securing the supply chain, the adoption of new regulations, nurturing open source culture, and the integration of artificial intelligence software tools. These topics have emerged as key points in the operational and strategic decisions within organizations. The TODO Group aims for OSPOs to remain at the forefront of these conversations, advocating for and sharing best practices that put open source integration as a priority in the organization’s goals and IT strategy.

New Use Cases Available in the OSPO Book: Porsche and Sony

The establishment of Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs) represents a pivotal transformation in how organizations manage technology stack across the supply chain. Open Source leaders from Porsche and Sony have significantly contributed to the OSPO Book Project by sharing their OSPO Best Practices. We aim their stories to help elevate open source adn technical matters to align with business objectives and challenges, by showcasing their unique approaches to integrating open source operations within their organizational strategies and business units.

TODO Welcomes CAICT as new General Member

We are thrilled to announce that the China Academy for Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) has joined TODO as a new General Member and OSPO Adopter. CAICT is a government-backed (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) ICT research institute in China. They are committed to play an active role in TODO Group activities, and share best practices for open source strategic adoption within Chinese organizations. CAICT collaboration with TODO aims to focus on three key pillars:

Announcing the 2024 OSPO Survey Call For Sponsors

Since 2018, the TODO Group and the Linux Foundation Research have conducted yearly open surveys to assess the state of open source programs and similar initiatives worldwide. Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the 2024 call for sponsors to those organizations interested in supporting this effort and making the 7th edition possible. All raw data, questionnaires, results, and insights are available with a CC-BY 4.0 license in the OSPO Survey Repo.

OSPO Book 2024 Roadmap

With the start of the new year, the TODO community would like to provide a quick recap of the latest updates on the collaborative effort: the OSPO Book project. This blog post aims to share the roadmap, milestones, and essential information for the contributor’s call meeting series in 2024 What has been done? During the past last contributor’s call in 2023, a few action items were defined to enable the content creators and reviewers to continue working on the book project.

TODO Seats New Steering Committee Members

We are excited to announce the composition of 2024 Steering Committee (SC) on the Linux Foundation’s TODO Group project. The 2024 SC includes elected members: Ashley Wolf from GitHub (returning), Stephen Augustus from Cisco (returning), Nik Peters from Porsche (new) and appointed members: Brittany Istenes from Fannie Mae (new). The TODO Steering Committee is responsible for providing guidance and stewardship to TODO project’s direction, set up yearly strategic goals, as well as structuring and facilitating collaboration among its contributors, general members, associates, and ambassadors.