Announcing the 2024 OSPO Survey Call For Sponsors

Since 2018, the TODO Group and the Linux Foundation Research have conducted yearly open surveys to assess the state of open source programs and similar initiatives worldwide. Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the 2024 call for sponsors to those organizations interested in supporting this effort and making the 7th edition possible.

All raw data, questionnaires, results, and insights are available with a CC-BY 4.0 license in the OSPO Survey Repo.

The 2024 survey aims to generate insights into the following areas:

The topic areas listed above are based on feedback that community members provided throughout the year, whether on GitHub public repo or in open community meetings. The results of this survey can help open source professionals better understand the value of OSPOs for any organization not only relying on software projects but also hardware, open content, AI models, and data to train those models, etc. The survey is relevant to:

Why should my organization consider sponsoring the 2024 Survey?

By supporting the OSPO Survey, you and your organization will:

How can my organization become a sponsor in this research?

We are seeking help from organizations to continue this study, generate a statistically significant survey sample, and maximize the impact of this research. Sponsor benefits include:

Please review the LF Research Prospectus for more information on sponsoring.

LF Research Prospectus


Get Started

To participate, please contact to learn more about sponsorship options for 2024 before March 1st.