Help Shape the 2024 OSPO Survey: Call for Community Feedback

As with previous years, TODO Group is inviting community feedback to ensure the 2024 survey accurately captures the varied needs and challenges of the OSPO community. This is your opportunity to voice your ideas and suggest what should be included in the OSPO Survey for 2024.

How Can I Contribute as Individual?

Just submit your suggestions for the 2024 questionnaire by opening an Issue on the TODO survey repo. We’re looking for feedback from open source professionals working in OSPOs, as well as stakeholders closely involved with open source teams / centers within organizations (AKA OSPOs), on new questions, topics to cover, or ideas for refining our approach.

The TODO survey repository includes a 2024 folder where you can find detailed information about this year’s survey planning, as well as the questions from last year. This is to make it easier for you to review and provide specific feedback on what should be changed, added, or restructured. (see example here)

Can My Organization Support the 2024 OSPO Survey?

Yes, organizations can support the OSPO survey as Sponsors or distribution partners. For more details, please contact