TODO Seats New Steering Committee Members

We are excited to announce the composition of 2024 Steering Committee (SC) on the Linux Foundation’s TODO Group project. The 2024 SC includes elected members: Ashley Wolf from GitHub (returning), Stephen Augustus from Cisco (returning), Nik Peters from Porsche (new) and appointed members: Brittany Istenes from Fannie Mae (new).

The TODO Steering Committee is responsible for providing guidance and stewardship to TODO project’s direction, set up yearly strategic goals, as well as structuring and facilitating collaboration among its contributors, general members, associates, and ambassadors.

The 2024 Steering Committee keeps their diversity formed by representatives from OSPOs established on a wide variety of sectors. It’s great to see representation from the Finance and European Automotive sectors for the first time .

Also, as a European citizen, I’m personally thrilled to find more engagement by our general member representatives from European-based organizations and TODO contributors taking governing positions in the project. In the upcoming years, I would love to explore ways to encourage participation and representation of OSPO practitioners from non-Europe / non-North America organizations too, such as our TODO individual contributors and general members from the active OSPO Local communities in Asia -including Japan or China-.

I look forward to a great year ahead and working with all of you!

Ana Jiménez Santamaría - Project Manager, TODO Group

Introducing the new 2024 Steering Committee Members

Meet our new SC members whose term will begin on January 1, 2024

Brittany Istenes

OSPO Strategist - Brittany has led advisory councils, open source ambassador programs, open source contributions, InnerSource initiatives and all the gray areas in between at scale within large companies.

Brittany is now sharing these best practices for OSS and InnerSource with the teams at Fannie Mae. Her main goal is to create a frictionless developer/centric environment where not only are we creating the best products for our customers, but doing so in a way that is better, faster, secure and more innovative within the FinTech world.

The TODO group should not only serve as a reference guide for OSPOs but should also expand its influence within enterprises as a whole. While many enterprises heavily adopt OSPO principles, OSS best practices and processes, many others do not. Organizations want to get started with OSS but are unsure of how or where to begin. With that being said, I believe that by becoming a member of the steering committee, I can leverage my skills to connect with other groups, rejuvenate the community, and attract more individuals and companies to our mission.

Brittany Istenes

Nik Peters

Nik Peters was able to live out his passion for software and technology already in his school days and eventually studied business informatics. Nik joined Porsche as project leader for Customer Relationship Management Systems before taking over as Head of Open Source Office. In addition, he is also heading the Commercial Software / Software Asset Management stream at Porsche which makes him Head of Open Source & Software Asset Management.

With the Porsche FOSS Movement (see here:, Porsche is continuing the open-source journey by creating a common understanding of values, principles and goals - in all teams, all subsidiaries and across all national borders. I would like to put a stronger focus on the automotive industry so that FOSS is not merely used. Embracing a holistic approach would be one of my targets.

Nik Peters

Stephen Augustus

Stephen is the Engineering Director and Head of Open Source at Cisco. Across the wider LF ecosystem, Stephen has the pleasure of serving as a member of themOpenSSF Governing Board and the OpenAPI Initiative Business Governing Board. Previously, he was a TODO Group Steering Committee member, a CNCF TAG Contributor Strategy Chair, andnone of the Program Chairs for KubeCon / CloudNativeCon, t he cloud native community’sflagship conference. He is a maintainer for the Scorecard and Dex projects, and a prolific contributor to CNCF projects, amongst the top 50 (as of writing) code/content committers, all-time. In 2020, Stephen co- founded the Inclusive Naming Initiative.

As an elected member of the Steering Committee, I would continue representing OSPOs in all corners of the industry, so that our regulatory participants, alongside enterprises and startups, feel heard in how TODO can inform, educate, and provide guidance in open source best practices. I believe TODO Group could employ more consistency in how groups and projects emerge and are governed; our processes for spinning up new working groups and initiatives could be tightened and made more transparent, which is something I’d be excited to tackle.

Stephen Augustus

Ashley Wolf

Ashley is the Director of Open Source Programs at GitHub. She runs initiatives and programs to empower developers to be successful with open source. She is also passionate about helping companies participate in the open source community.

As an SC member, I would strive to strengthen ties with existing OSPO groups. I would remain fostering meaningful conversations, learning from peers, and disseminating news and updates. Given the growing impact of OSPOs on areas such as organizational policies around generative AI tools, I would be at the forefront of these pivotal discussions. Most crucially, I aim to highlight the value OSPOs bring to organizations, advocating for their stability and growth across all sectors.

Ashley Wolf

The final Steering Committee that will be formed in 2024 is composed of the following members:


Big Thanks to our 2023 Members

Last but not least, we would like to congratulate those members who served in 2023. Their commitment and contributions to the project are invaluable. You can learn more about all the achievements they have made during the year in this end-of-year summary and mid-term summary.