2024 TODO Strategic Goals

Conversations within the TODO Community are increasingly centered around securing the supply chain, the adoption of new regulations, nurturing open source culture, and the integration of artificial intelligence software tools. These topics have emerged as key points in the operational and strategic decisions within organizations. The TODO Group aims for OSPOs to remain at the forefront of these conversations, advocating for and sharing best practices that put open source integration as a priority in the organization’s goals and IT strategy.

Below is the set of goals that TODO Group and TODO Steering Committee members agreed to focus on during 2024. These goals are divided into three pillars: Cross-community Collaboration; Adoption and Sustainability; Community Engagement.

Cross-community Collaboration

While TODO Group will be committed to continue collaboration with a variety of projects and foundations worldwide (e.g LF APAC OSPO SIG, LF Europe, CHAOSS, CNCF, etc), this year we are placing a special emphasis on strengthening our collaboration with specific open source foundations and projects, alongside a focused exploration of the AI topic by partnering with existing initiatives driving conversations important to the day-to-day operations of OSPOS and strategy:

Focus Projects in 2024

Focus Area in 2024

Explore potential collaborations with existing AI SIG closer to OSPO core needs (e.g open chain AI Compliance SIG, Open Source Initiative AI definition WG, etc). Plan and host a webinar on AI compliance best practices, inviting speakers from related communities and allowing time for open discussions.

Adoption and Project Sustainability

TODO Group Steering Committee aims to find ways to integrate OSPO day-to-day operations into broader organizational strategies and execution plans, enhancing their recognition as a key component of business success.

Establish Office Hours dedicated to Strategic Value Initiative

Update the way Touchpoint calls operate. Work on an improved framework to make touchpoint calls to become a space where:

The TODO Group Steering Committee aims to help in the creation of pathways for students and professionals to validate their open source developer skills within an enterprise setup.

Develop a certification exam for an Open Source Certified Developer in Enterprise Context

Community Engagement

To foster a more dynamic and engaged community dialogue, TODO Group aims to encourage continued discussion over multiple Touchpoint sessions, focusing on recurrent and emerging topics of high interest. Encourage continued dialogue over multiple Touchpoint sessions

Next Steps for The Community

The TODO Group aims the strategic goal document to guide and align the TODO community —including its general members, Ambassadors, Associate projects, and maintainers— future contributions within TODO initiatives and new proposals towards achieving the proposed vision for 2024.

These goals are published in the TODO goavernance repo for the community to use.