2021 Annual Report for TODO Group

In 2021, we’ve seen a growing number of organizations across all sizes and sectors (both private and public) investing in Open Source Programs more than ever. This blog post captures the 2021 TODO important milestones and OSPO trends in 2022.


OSPO growth requires bigger efforts on education and support from the open-source communities. At TODO Group, we’ve been focused on continuing to expand OSPO adoption worldwide and providing support and guidance to the broader community, building new networking spaces such as OSPOCon or OSPOlogy, investing in OSPO research like our yearly Survey, or bringing monthly updates about OSPO trends through OSPONews.

Strategic Goals and Milestones

This year, The TODO Group formalized its strategic goals published in the TODO governance repo:

  1. Cultivate growth and adoption of OSPOs
  2. Grow the membership base
  3. Create value for all members
  4. Foster community relationships
  5. Expand resources awareness

These are some of the most remarkable milestones achieved during the year:

✅ The state of OSPOs 2021 Survey Results

The TODO Group has been proudly running this survey over the last four years now. Formal open source programs are quickly becoming an emerging best practice for all organizations. The TODO Group is committed to running this survey on an annual basis moving forward and sharing the results with the wider community.

Source: OSPO Survey, https://github.com/todogroup/osposurvey/tree/master/2021

✅ New OSPO Guides

These Open Source Guides collect best practices from the leading companies engaged in open source development and aim to help your organization successfully implement and run an open source program office. We expect these guides to be living documents that evolve via community contributions.

✅ 10+ Members join TODO Group

Organizations across different sectors and regions joined the TODO Group as new members during the last months!

Source: OSPO Landscape

✅ OSPOCon 2021 Series

The TODO Group successfully run two OSPOCon Events. One held in the states + virtually and the other in Europe. Despite travel restrictions this year, we feel grateful to see so many people coming from different sectors and regions willing to share their experiences in the first event of Open Source Program Offices: 2021 series had a total number of 108 CFP Submissions at OSPOCon and 52 CFP submissions at OSPOCon Europe.

Source: OSPOCon

FYI: Next OSPOCon will be held in Austin & Virtual and OSPOCOn Europe in Dublin. The TODO Group will soon announce the CFP, so make sure to keep an eye on that!

✅ OSPONews

In August, the TODO Group started a monthly newsletter on OSPO news and trends, where people can contribute via the TODO ospology repo. Last month we reached the first 100 subscribers! Thank you, everyone!

✅ OSPOlogy 2021 Series

One of the new initiatives created in 2021 at TODO in order to ease the access to more organizations across sectors to understand and adopt OSPOs by open and transparent networking has been OSPOlogy. The LF has just published a blog article about the learnings from the presentations done during this year:

Source: OSPOlogy

OSPOlogy is open to all, from folks just starting their OSPO journey to students to even seasoned OPSOers. If you would like to bring up a OSPO discussion, you can do so by just filling out the OSPOlogy CFP.

✅ Build relationships with other communities: OSPO Associates

Open Source is a community of communities, and so is becoming the OSPO movement. This was the main motivator to create the OSPO Associate Program. Even though the program was launched two months ago, we have seen communities committed to OSPOs like FINOS, LF Energy, or OpenChain willing to build stronger relationships and collaborate on common resources and initiatives such as surveys, policy recommendations, and more.

Source: OSPO Landscape

✅ Revamp todogroup.org website

This was one of the goals that we couldn’t finish for this year (planning to do so by 2022). However, we got the chance to refine and improve the TODO Community and FAQ section to ease the access to newcomers con community members.

What to expect from TODO in 2022

OSPOs have been evolving over the years, and the TODO group has been always adapting to their demands. 2022 will bring a new TODO version where we will keep building quality OSPO resources and focusing on OSPO Governance, always backed up with data from previous research as well as the expertise from well-known OSPO Professionals worldwide.

FYI: The final 2022 strategic goals version will be published in the TODO governance repo (reviewed and approved by the TODO Steering Committee in 2022).

Source: TODO Website

Happy New Years and let’s continue to professionalize OSPOs across the world!

TODO Group