A year in review: TODO & 2022

This past year has been full of challenges and opportunities. TODO Group pursued its mission of helping Open Source Program Office adoption, education, and success within organizations across sectors and regions. The project launched many exciting new initiatives, refined existing ones, and received contributions from open source leaders and OSPO practitioners worldwide.

In this post, the TODO Group would like to appreciate and highlight some of the achievements and contributions done in 2022 by its community.

🧩 About TODO 2022 Strategic Goals

Every year, the TODO Steering Committee members gather together to define the TODO Strategic Goals for the upcoming year. Requests and feedback submitted by the community are taken into consideration when defining these goals. The community can share via the yearly TODO Satisfaction survey, OSPO forum community proposals, or community virtual calls.

In 2022, our strategic goals were:

✅ Our Achievements

Host 8 OSPOlogy sessions (Webinars - OSPO Use Cases)

OSPOlogy webinars share OSPO Use Cases from real organizations sharing their best practices, problems faced, journeys, or even useful tooling and resources for OSPOs. We are proud to share that TODO successfully achieved this goal with exciting topics and discussions across the year:

Encourage more active participation in OSPOlogy (Repo)

From OSPO resources like the OSPO Mind Map, OSPO Maturity Model, to global and regional OSPO meetings; OSPOlogy hosts the study and open community communication to discuss the status of open source program offices across regions.

As a result, the project hit 100 stars in less than a year and welcome 30+ new core contributors. Can’t wait to see how this community evolves in the upcoming years!

Cultivate relationships with other communities

This was an ongoing process that we started in 2021, and kept refining in 2022. Since the launch of OSPO Associates program, we continued looking for new ways to collaborate with other open source communities willing to help the OSPO movement with specific resources, knowledge, or working groups. Some examples from this cross-community collaboration that happened this year were:

TODO also started to collaborate closely with existing OSPO local subgroups within other open source communities such as the OSPO SIG at OpenChain Japan WG (Japanese Language) or the OSPO SIG at LF APAC (Chinese Language).

Increase geographical availability

One essential milestone we achieved this year was increasing geographical availability. TODO allocated regional virtual calls within OSPOlogy that covered different timezones:

Another interesting initiative created in 2022 was the OSPOlogy Live Europe (previously introduced) and the OSPO Local Meetups to improve diversity and inclusion within non-native English speaking countries and thus support OSPO adoption across different regions. Some examples of OSPO local Meetups created are:

Run Community Satisfaction Survey to get feedback, >80% satisfaction

This year we received the highest number of answers in TODO history. 52 OSPOers completed the survey and gave great feedback on ways to improve our community. Thank you! According to the answers:

📌 Keep working on

Improve and refresh TODO Website

Something that we started working on but couldn’t finish within the deadline due to some project blockers. So far, we added new pages to the current design such as the TODO Code Of Conduct, the Community Page, or the OSPO Associates as well as have a specific section to presenting the new OSPO resources (studies, whitepapers, training courses, etc). Our next goal in 2023 would probably be to make some changes to the current design to be able to implement the todogorup.org new wireframe.

Assess TODO tooling (Slack, Mailing Lists, GitHub)

Auditing existing TODO tooling is the only strategic goal we couldn’t start in 2022. We hope to retake this goal early in 2023.

Final thoughts

We are very thankful to the worldwide open source community, who came together to contribute their efforts and time by sharing open source best practices and creating Open Source Program Offices resources that anyone can freely use and contribute to.

We look forward to working and collaborating with everyone in the years to come. We would like to wish you a peaceful holiday season. Hope you enjoy time with your loved ones and have a relaxed start to the new year.