LFAPAC OSPO SIG from China Joins as New Associates

We are thrilled to announce that LF APAC OSPO SIG Community from China has joined the TODO Group as new OSPO Associates.


Since 2021, LF APAC OSPO SIG has been pioneering the “OSPO 10,000 Miles Journey” series of regular OSPO meetups. This initiative has been key in fostering open source practices within chinese organizations and knowledge-sharing across the region.

Helping OSPO Adoption in China and Collaborating with the Global OSPO Community

This exciting new collaboration between LF APAC and TODO is set to unfold numerous initiatives aimed at enriching the global OSPO community:

Where Can People find Additional Information?

People can take a look to the submission and resolution here. The progress of this new collaboration will be shared by the local TODO ambassadors in China via OSPOlogy discusssions every quearter.

Join us in welcoming LF APAC OSPO SIG to our community and stay tuned for more news!