Goals for the Employee Open Source Engagement Working Group

We are excited to announce the goals for the Employee Open Source Engagement Working Group within TODO Group for 2023. The working group is composed of open source representatives from various companies (small, medium and large), as well as open source enthusiasts involved in different projects, who are passionate about open source and want to encourage more employee engagement in open source projects.

The primary goal of this working group is to create a comprehensive guide that documents different models for incentivizing and appreciating employees to contribute to open source. In addition, the guide will include:

  • An organizational guide for incentivizing open source community
  • Documentation on how company projects can make contribution easier
  • Documentation on how an organization contribution can wear a community hat
  • A template for an open source project’s contribution guide

These goals are aimed at providing organizations with the tools and resources necessary to encourage more employee engagement in open source projects.

🙋‍♀ī¸ How can I join?

  • The working group meets bi-weekly at two different times: one at a CET time-friendly time and one at ET-PT friendly times. The link to join the meetings can be found in the TODO calendar at https://todogroup.org/community/ .
  • Main communication channel happens via the TODO Group’s chat (#guide-employee-os-engagement), that you can join here .
  • Josep Prat (OSPO at Aiven), Alyssa Wright (OSPO at Bloomberg) and David Hirsch (OSPO at Dynatrace) are taking the lead in these calls and shaping the group’s activities.

We invite everyone in the open source community who is interested in employee open source engagement to join the working group and contribute to this initiative. Together, we can create a guide that will inspire more employees to get involved in open source projects, furthering the growth and innovation of the open source community.

To learn more about this working group and its progress, please visit the general documentation issue tracker .