End-of-Year Steering Committee Meeting - Summary

The TODO Steering Committee gathered at the Linux Foundation Member Summit for an end-of-year meeting to review project goals and outline the next steps for the upcoming year. This article aims to offer a summary of the various topics discussed and the areas of focus addressed during the meeting.


In a nutshell, here are the action items from the past SC conversation for the upcoming year:

Moreover, these are some of the topics that will need further discussion in 2024:

OSPOlogyLive Europe Mini-Summits

The increasing demand for the OSPOlogyLive Summits in Europe has highlighted the issue of scaling in upcoming years. As more organizations reach out to the OSPOlogyLive organizers -which are formed by not just TODO organization, but several ones, including LF Europe, InnerSource Commons Foundation, SPDX, OpenChain, OpenSSF, LF Energy, and more-, how can we ensure the program has enough staff to operate on a larger scale?

A key focus was on ways to increase host involvement, such as through the creation of checklists. The Steering Committee emphasized the importance of regular updates and explored the use of TODO Ambassadors to foster greater participation.

OSPOlogyLive Europe 2023 at a Glance


Note: Last month, OSPOlogyLive was brought to North America for the first time as a Legal edition, focusing on the role of OSPOs and legal teams in Cloud Native and AI. Panel discussions can be found on the OSPOlogy channel.

OSPO Book RoadMap

The committee considered adopting a new domain, potentially ospology.org or ospobook.org, to broaden our reach and participation beyond the TODO group. This transition aligns with the OSPO book’s value of cultivating cross-community participation to fill the gaps across the OSPO journey and become a body of knowledge of OSPO resources. There was also a mention of including proposals for a dedicated Slack channel and the annual publication of the book in both electronic and physical formats as a roadmap milestone.

Collaboration with Organizations

The Steering Committee deliberated on establishing common channels for communities supporting OSPOs, identifying shared goals, and content exchange opportunities. To enable strong collaboration, the committee suggested including an “OSPO Year in Review” segment, intended to be incorporated into the OSPO Annual Survey and shared widely across different communities, so they can easily share their recent developments made during the year, which are relevant to OSPOs.

OSPO Associates Promotion

Discussions revolved around better clarifying the engagement process across various LF projects and exploring ways to articulate this relationship more clearly in our publications and online presence.

TODO Resources in LF Training Materials

The conversation also touched on the integration of TODO resources within LF Training materials. The committee agreed on the importance of acknowledging contributors in these materials, possibly extending to LinkedIn / Mastodon endorsements and references.

Emphasis on OSPO Value Messaging

The Steering Committee aims to refine advocacy strategies for OSPOs in the upcoming year.

Note: The community is welcome to send community proposals via the OSPO Forum like this open discussion.

Open Source in Europe and US Policy Landscape

A topic of increasing relevance was the evolving landscape of open source policy in Europe and the US. The committee recognized the growing need for OSPOs to navigate and contribute to discussions on security, AI, and regulatory compliance. Illustrating the critical role of OSPOs in these domains remains a priority, especially in communicating their value internally within enterprises.

Preserving the OSPO message within the Enterprises

Lastly, the committee tackled the challenge of preserving the OSPO message within enterprises. The discussions centered around sustaining the relevance and impact of OSPOs, even after policies and processes have been established, ensuring that these entities continue to provide value and adapt to changing organizational needs.

Note: The community is welcome to send community proposals to the OSPO Forum.

Signed off by TODO Steering Committee Members