Followup: Open Code of Conduct

Growing a successful open source project takes more than code; it takes a healthy community where contributors can engage in deep conversations with respect. A code of conduct can be one important tool in helping a community uphold its own values.

Last year, the TODO Group explored building a code of conduct template. Our goal was to share our experiences with each other, and encourage other communities to consider similar principles when building their open source projects. Many people have invested in developing codes of conduct, and our efforts are better spent supporting their work. We will not be continuing work on writing a code of conduct. We remain confident that a code of conduct is an important tool in building healthy communities, and we recommend projects consider adopting a code of conduct that fits their community.

The TODO Group continues to be focused on developing resources for establishing, building, and sustaining open source projects and communities. Our members have recently open sourced tools such as mention-bot to improve pull request interaction and even a portal to manage large organizations on GitHub. We look forward to working with the community to share knowledge and information that can advance open source development for decades to come.