Goldman Sachs becomes a TODO Member

Goldman Sachs joins the TODO Group as part of launching an Open Source Program Office (OSPO), to accelerate its investment in open source and innovation.

Goldman Sachs has been contributing to open source for nearly a decade, finding new ways to advance in their Open Source journey. In August, Goldman Sachs formalized its commitment to open source and created an Open Source Program Office (OSPO).

As we have seen work well at other companies, having a single team responsible for the open source strategy will allow us to accelerate and deepen our investment in open source.

Joining the TODO group will allow us to learn from and collaborate on open source tooling and processes with other organizations and companies, as well as provide us a way to learn from what others have put in place to support their internal and external developer communities.

Bella Wiseman and Rob Underwood, Goldman Sachs OSPO

From the TODO Group, we hope to keep adding value to the OSPO community and TODO Members like Goldman Sachs and be the place to share tips around OSPO topics with other open source proffessionals worldwide.

To learn more, you can take a look to the new post from Bella Wiseman and Rob Underwood: Goldman Sachs’s OSPO and why they joined the TODO Group