TODO Open Source Program Guides

Last March we held a TODO Group track at Open Source Leadership Summit focused entirely on sharing best practices for businesses managing and building out open source programs. More than a dozen open source program leads and other leaders from companies shared their tips and best practices at the event.

Furthermore in the last year or so, we have seen companies like AWS build out an open source program via @AWSOpen and even companies like VMWare hired their first Chief Open Source Officer. We’ve had many organizations approach TODO Group members asking for advice on how to get started with an open source program.

To help companies inform and improve their open source practices, we here at the TODO Group have ramped up our knowledge sharing this year and offering more free resources by open sourcing a set of living guides to help you learn more about setting up an open source program:

We are also profiling the open source programs and many of these companies, which have shared their tips and best practices. Their advice comes from years of professional open source program management experience at some of the largest and most successful software companies – many which built their businesses on open source software and contribute significantly to open source communities. We have open source two case studies initially and plan to do more soon:

These guides and case studies are open source on GitHub under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. If you would like us to feature your open source program in our profiles please submit a pull request at We also welcome your contributions and ideas to these guides and invite you to contribute content to the existing versions, create case studies or new guides.

If you’re interested in starting an open source program or collaborating with your peers in open source program management, please consider joining the TODO Group!