OSPO Book 2024 Roadmap

With the start of the new year, the TODO community would like to provide a quick recap of the latest updates on the collaborative effort: the OSPO Book project. This blog post aims to share the roadmap, milestones, and essential information for the contributor’s call meeting series in 2024

What has been done?

During the past last contributor’s call in 2023, a few action items were defined to enable the content creators and reviewers to continue working on the book project. Here is a summary of the completed tasks:

What’s next? - 2024 Roadmap

The different milestones can be divided into three core groups: the team involved in content creation; the team involved in project infrastructure and website development; and the review team involved in reviewing existing content and references.


👉 People can download the PDF 2024 Roadmap

January - March

March - May

May - September

How can I get involved in this initiative?

The OSPO Book project is an excellent way to acknowledge, reference, and unify efforts that have been made across different open source communities and communities supporting OSPOs across sectors. If you are engaged in other communities or know someone who represents an organization that has been working around OSPO resources, please don’t hesitate to forward this email to them, share their resources in the resource section (by submitting a PR or attending to our calls) and take part in the content creation across the different chapters.

Interested people can join our working group calls anytime. The meeting series is available in TODO community calendar, and an invite was sent to the members of OSPO Book mailing list last month. Just in case, here are the meeting details:

AMER & EMEA Friendly-timezone Call

EMEA &APAC Friendly-timezone Call