Contribute to the OSPO Book

The OSPO book project is one of the most recent initiatives hosted under the OSPOlogy repo. Whether you contribute to new chapters, review existing PRs, include new book terms in the, or make translations into your native language, there are many ways to become an active member of this community.

The OSPO Book Project has improved its documentation to help new contributors get started in the project. Together, we can build a more inclusive and complete book that serves as a baseline for Open Source Program Offices in organizations. This includes sharing collective knowledge from open source professionals and providing an ordered list of links to existing literature across different open source projects.

Here are the updated documentation added this week:

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🧩 About the project

In a nutshell, the OSPO Book Project aims to address the following community needs:

🙋‍♀️ The OSPO Book Project is for everyone

If you engage with OSPOs or contribute within OSPO communities, we need your help! Join the community and contribute your expertise to shape the future of how organizations contribute and use open source with responsibility, building healthy collaborations with the community that sustains these projects.