Announcing the Open Source Program Office (OSPO) Definition

The TODO Group is over 5 years old and as an organization has brought together the brightest in the field of open source program management. We have produced a variety of open source program management guides, tools, surveys and even an awesome list to advance the practice.

Today, we are formalizing our definition of what an open source program office (colloquially an OSPO) is based on our years of experience and to ensure we have a common lexicon in the industry when we describe open source programs:

An open source program office (OSPO) is the center of gravity for an organization’s open source operations and structure. This can include training developers, ensuring legal compliance, engaging with and building communities, and defining policies that govern code usage, distribution, selection, auditing and more.

The full detailed OSPO definition is on GitHub and available anyone to reference. At the end of the day, each OSPO is custom-configured based on its particular business, products and goals.

Finally, if you’re interested in starting an open source program or collaborating with your peers in open source program management, please consider joining the TODO Group!