Updates from the OSPO Landscape Dashboard

The OSPO Lanscape has migrated to landscape2. This enhancement is designed to offer a more user-friendly experience for navigating the vast world of open source program offices (OSPO), including adopter organizations and tooling useful for an OSPO day-to-day operations (e.g. automation on security checks, license scanning tools, developer burnout, etc). Check out the new view at landscape.todogroup.org!

If you are part of an OSPO and notice that your organization is not currently listed as an adopter on our landscape, we warmly invite you to make your presence known. You can do this by submitting an issue or pull request in the OSPO landscape GitHub repository. This is an excellent way for ensuring your organization gains recognition as OSPO adopter and help more organizations accurately gauge adoption size and importance.


Featuring OSPO Tools

The OSPO Landscape also features essential tools for OSPOs:


If you know about a tool that offers solutions related to SBOMs, security checks automation across the software supply chain, documentation, community health metrics, or any other tools that aid OSPOs in their day-to-day tasks, we invite you to contribute by submitting an issue or PR in our GitHub repo in the tooling section of the landscape.

Enhancing Visibility Among OSPOs

The journey of improving and expanding the OSPO landscape is ongoing. Check the working repo to get involved!