Learnings from the first OSPO and Open Source for Organizations Conference

Leading figures from Open Source gathered at OSPOCon and OSPOCon Europe to discuss the new OSPO Era challenges and ways to help the Open Source movement

OSPOCon has demonstrated to be a key networking space to learn and connect with OSPO professionals across organizations: Attendants were able to learn from open source leaders who shared their experiences on ways to establish and run an OSPO, the status of emerging open source initiatives raising within organizations across industries, as well as the evolution of OSPOs worldwide.

Both conferences brought insightful conversations from Open Source Initiatives in banking, finance, automotive, NGOs, governments, hardware companies, and more, highlighting the growing interest for OSPOS far beyond traditional tech companies.




Conference remarks

OSPOCon was full of testimonials from a long list of speakers, including Nithya Ruff (Comcast), Dawn Foster (VMWare), Stormy Peters & Carol Smith (Microsoft), Stephen Jacobs (Rochester Institute of Technology), Judith Scheperboer-Bol, and Jonas van den Bogaard (Alliander), George Kunz & Gunnar Nilsson (Ericsson), Heather Lesson (International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies), Sayeed Choudhury (Johns Hopkins University), Zhipengs Huang (Huawei), and more.

Topics ranged from ways to help medium and small companies to execute open source initiatives, multiple industry leader’s experiences on how to set up and run an OSPO, evolution of open source and professionalism of OSPOs, to open conversations on new ways to work together to enhance the OSPO movement and pave the path to those organizations which are just starting its OSPO journey.


Available Resources

OSPOCon offered a hybrid format (in-person and virtual experience) to attendants, as well as providing all the infrastructure to record the sessions and make them available on the Linux Foundation YouTube channel.

Play Video on YouTube

Event photos are also available under the Creative Commons license at Flickr page and folks have also the opportunity to view OSPOCon and OSPOCon Europe slides by clicking on the desired session.


Getting involved in TODO: Organizations committed to Open Source

“There is no broad template for building an open source program that applies across all industries — or even across all organizations in a single industry. That can make its creation a challenge, but you can learn lessons from other organizations (companies, academic institutions, governments, and more) and bring them together to fit your own organization’s requirements."

TODO is an open group of 70+ organizations that want to collaborate on practices, tools, and other ways to run successful and effective open source projects and programs. Open Source professionals can contribute by adding resources to any of our five OSPO pillars:




These resources are available at TODO GitHub Organization under CC-BY 4.0 license. We also encourage folks to join the TODO slack channel and Community Mailing list for new updates.

Big shout out to the LF events team, the program committee members, and sponsors: Thanks for making OSPOCon 2021 series possible. Looking forward to OSPOCon 2022.

Let’s keep building healthy and successful Open Source initiatives for organizations together!