Introducing a New OSPOlogy Maintainer

We are thrilled to announce a new maintainer of the OSPOlogy project.

Ospology Maintainer announcement graphic

📚 About OSPOlogy Repo

OSPOlogy is a TODO Group initiative that hosts the study and open community communication to discuss the status of open source program offices across regions. OSPOlogy is also the home of projects like the OSPO Book, OSPO MindMap, OSPONews or the OSPO Model. We are excited about the future of the OSPOlogy project and look forward to continuing to work together with the OSPOlogy Contibutors, TODO Group Members, OSPO Associates and wider open source community to promote open source education and best practices within organizations worldwide.

👋 Meet the Maintainer

Sourav is a seasoned open source program manager, maintainer, and community builder. Currently leading the OpenPrivacyTech Initiative, a nonprofit open source organization aimed at democratizing privacy tech and privacy-enhancing technologies, Sourav has been an avid open source enthusiast and advocate of the open source movement since the beginning of his tech journey. His passion for open source management and curiosity about OSPOs led him to join the TODO community. These days Sourav is contributing to the OSPOlogy project at TODO Group and the ISPO working group at InnerSource Commons.

Sourav has led open source communities and managed mentorship programs such as Google Summer of Code and Google Season of Docs as an organization administrator, and mentored in Google Code-in at TensorFlow organization. He has also mentored thousands of enthusiasts to start their open source and private AI journey in various nonprofit and open source communities. Notably, Sourav has led the private AI mentorship program at OpenMined and was a core education team member at OpenMined that launched the Private AI Series in collaboration with PyTorch, Facebook AI, the University of Oxford’s Centre for the Governance of AI at the Future of Humanity Institute, and the United Nations Global Working Group on Big Data.

As a Maintainer of the OSPOlogy project, Sourav is committed to grow and contribute to the sustainability of the OSPOlogy project and help the overall OSPO community.

Welcome on board!