OSPOlogy, the Study of OSPOs open to everyone

The TODO group is proud to announce OSPOlogy: A set of OSPO resources made up of monthly meetings, OSPO news, and open discussions with the aim to study the status of Open Source Program Offices. Do you know what’s best? These new resources are open to everyone!

Why launch OSPOlogy? What can the community expect from this initiative? How can they get involved? Keep reading to learn more.

Why launching OSPOlogy?

It is well known that the TODO group members are also OSPO mentors and advocates who have been working in the open source industry for years.

At TODO group, we know the huge value these experienced OSPO leaders can bring to the community since they can help to pave the path for the new generation of OSPOs, cultivating the open source ecosystem.

We have achieved many milestones in the journey towards OSPO adoption. Some examples are:

However, during the last months, there was also the need to have a place open to everyone outside the TODO group to share all this knowledge and discuss the status and trends of the industry. thanks to this feedback, we came up with two major goals:

What can we get from OSPOlogy?

These are the two resources available. If you have any suggestions on how to improve OSPOlogy content, feel free to open an issue:

TODO Newsletter: #OSPOnews

We understand how busy daily work can be. People can’t just always keep an eye on the most recent TODO slack conversations, or pick up on recent Twitter threads. Sometimes, people just need a single message that summarizes all the important events and trends that happened in the OSPO industry and open source ecosystem during the week.

Well, that’s what #OSPONews is for! This newsletter ships once a month on the last Tuesday of the month.

You can contribute to the newsletter via GitHub

To receive OSPONews, you can sign up here

TODO Community Meetings: OSPOlogy

Open source is a community of communities. Indeed, open source is a complex ecosystem that involves many topics, activities, and expertise (How to start an OSPO Program, Managing Open Source Compliance or Retaining Open SourceTalent, etc).

At TODO Group we believe organizations can improve their relationship with the open source ecosystem by working together. For this reason, we have created OSPOlogy community meetings: A collaborative networking space to learn best practices from the leading companies and with the aim to help both, new and mature OSPOs, to successfully implement and run Open Source Program Offices.

As mentioned earlier, everyone is welcome to attend the monthly TODO Group OSPOlogy meeting

OSPOlogy Discussions

Sometimes, guides and meetings can cover all the issues specific OSPOs are facing. For this reason, we want to raise the voice of the community. We’re using Discussions as a place to connect with other members of the OSPOlogy community. We hope that people:

We also have real-time discussions on the TODO Group Slack

How to Contribute

All documentation is available on GitHub. We encourage the community to add their ideas on how to improve OSPOlogy by opening a new issue here.

The community can also add their topic ideas on the planning document for OSPOlogy meetings in the following link