New Research Study Reveals the 2023 State of OSPO

The annual OSPO study examines the prevalence and outcomes of Open Source Progam Offices and similar OSS Initiatives across sectors, including the key benefits, value provided, and challenges ahead. OSPOs Become Mainstream In 2023, the adoption of OSPO and OSS initiatives witnessed a 32% increase compared to 2022. The key findings cover a broad range of topics, from how OSPOs are addressing security concerns and supporting open source sustainability, to enhancing software best practices within organizations.

Steering Committee Summary Notes 2023 - Part 1

Over the past six months, the Steering Committee members have been diligently assisting the TODO project in its stewardship and strategic goals. This summary aims to provide a concise overview of all the topic discussions and areas of work that the Steering Committee and the program manager have been focusing on during this period. For public disclosure, we include a summary of the monthly meeting notes taken. Steering Committee Achievements Update TODO charters and build Ambassador Program After months of hard work and discussions, the Steering Committee has developed a new version of the TODO charters.

Contribute to the OSPO Book

The OSPO book project is one of the most recent initiatives hosted under the OSPOlogy repo. Whether you contribute to new chapters, review existing PRs, include new book terms in the, or make translations into your native language, there are many ways to become an active member of this community. The OSPO Book Project has improved its documentation to help new contributors get started in the project. Together, we can build a more inclusive and complete book that serves as a baseline for Open Source Program Offices in organizations.

Announcing OSPO Survey 2023

The TODO Group and Linux Foundation Research with the support of Alibaba, CHAOSS, CyberTrust, Dynatrace, GitHub, InnerSource Commons, Kaiyuanshe, Open Infrastructure Foundation, Open Source Initiative, OpenChain, OpenSSF, and Salesforce, are conducting the 2023 survey edition as part of a research project on the prevalence and outcomes of open source programs and similar open source initiatives operating across the globe. 🧩 What’s New in the 2023 edition? This year the survey 2023 Release: Call For Contributors

Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs) are becoming increasingly prevalent across various sectors, regions, and organizational sizes. In 2020, the TODO Group community released the first version of, to provide a common lexicon for describing open source programs. As the OSPO becomes a more widely recognized term in different sectors, the TODO community recognizes the need to update the traditional OSPO definition to reflect current trends and be more inclusive.

OSPO Layoffs: Support and Resources from the TODO Community

If you’re one of the people affected by layoffs, there are a couple of resources you should know about. The TODO community has specific channels and ways to keep people informed of the most recent job offerings related to OSPOs and Open Source in organizations: The OSPONews newsletter has an OSPO Jobs section where active open source or OSPO related job positions are shared on a monthly basis. You can also look at past issues of the newsletter.

Introducing a New OSPOlogy Maintainer

We are thrilled to announce a new maintainer of the OSPOlogy project. 📚 About OSPOlogy Repo OSPOlogy is a TODO Group initiative that hosts the study and open community communication to discuss the status of open source program offices across regions. OSPOlogy is also the home of projects like the OSPO Book, OSPO MindMap, OSPONews or the OSPO Model. We are excited about the future of the OSPOlogy project and look forward to continuing to work together with the OSPOlogy Contibutors, TODO Group Members, OSPO Associates and wider open source community to promote open source education and best practices within organizations worldwide.

New Study Highlights the Business Value of Open Source Program Offices

Why are Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs) valuable from a business perspective? That’s the question addressed in the latest report from the TODO Group. The study explores the different value propositions of OSPOs and shares recommendations and provide insights that helps to to understand, measure, and communicate their value to stakeholders, regulators, and other staff members within the organization. It draws on perspectives from OSPO and open source leaders from Europe, Asia, and North America in a variety of industries, including two public universities.

New Chinese and Japanese Versions of the OSPO Mind Map

We are thrilled to announce the latest updates to the OSPO Mind Map project. Thanks to our community, OSPOlogy contributors have created Chinese and Japanese versions of the OSPO Mind Map. This interactive visual representation of an Open Source Program Office’s (OSPO) responsibilities, roles, behavior, and team size within an organization helps OSPO practitioners and others engaging with OSPO roles understand the different elements of an OSPO and how it can be structured.

Announcing the 2023 OSPO Survey Call For Partners

The TODO Group, together with Linux Foundation Research, is conducting a survey as part of a research project on the prevalence and outcomes of open source programs among different organizations across the globe. Open source program offices (OSPOs) help set open source strategies, policies and processes to streamline open source operations within organizations. Since 2018, the TODO Group has conducted surveys to assess the state of open source programs worldwide (all raw data, questionnaire, results and insights are available to everyone in the OSPO Survey Repo).