Announcing the 2023 OSPO Survey Call For Partners

The TODO Group, together with Linux Foundation Research, is conducting a survey as part of a research project on the prevalence and outcomes of open source programs among different organizations across the globe. Open source program offices (OSPOs) help set open source strategies, policies and processes to streamline open source operations within organizations. Since 2018, the TODO Group has conducted surveys to assess the state of open source programs worldwide (all raw data, questionnaire, results and insights are available to everyone in the OSPO Survey Repo).

Goals for the Employee Open Source Engagement Working Group

We are excited to announce the goals for the Employee Open Source Engagement Working Group within TODO Group for 2023. The working group is composed of open source representatives from various companies (small, medium and large), as well as open source enthusiasts involved in different projects, who are passionate about open source and want to encourage more employee engagement in open source projects. The primary goal of this working group is to create a comprehensive guide that documents different models for incentivizing and appreciating employees to contribute to open source.

Exciting Updates and New Resources for OSPOlogyLive 2023

We are thrilled to announce some exciting updates and new resources for OSPOlogyLive 2023. As you may know, OSPOlogyLive is a series of interactive micro-conferences in Europe that connect open source program office (OSPO) professionals and open source peers involved in several open source projects and communities from both local and international spheres. These micro-conferences are designed as interactive lectures and breakout rooms t hat aim to foster discussions and connections among attendees.

Bringing local and global open source voices together in Netherlands

Takeaways from the first OSPOlogyLive Share & Learn in 2023 OSPOlogyLive Netherlands was full of insightful discussions and contributions around open source strategy documentation guidelines, main blockers to open source adoption in the public sector, Open Source Program Office (OSPO) key metrics, minimum viable OSPO pattern definition, and InnerSource best practices to ease open source adoption. About OSPOlogyLive Share & Learn OSPOlogyLive Share & Learn is a collaborative space that brings together local and global open source specialists from different organizations and/or open source projects to discuss Open Source Program Offices (OSPO) best practices for open source strategy, policies management, governance, and more.

A year in review: TODO & 2022

This past year has been full of challenges and opportunities. TODO Group pursued its mission of helping Open Source Program Office adoption, education, and success within organizations across sectors and regions. The project launched many exciting new initiatives, refined existing ones, and received contributions from open source leaders and OSPO practitioners worldwide. In this post, the TODO Group would like to appreciate and highlight some of the achievements and contributions done in 2022 by its community.

Meet the 2023 TODO Steering Committee

TODO strategic goals and project governance is overseen by a Steering Committee elected on an annual basis. We are pleased to share that several individuals will be joining the TODO Steering Committee in 2023. Their addition will help to continue to TODO’s mission in Open Source Program Office’s knowledge-sharing and adoption worldwide. Welcome to New Steering Committee Members TODO woudld like to congratulate and welcome to the Steering Committee three new members.

Announcing OSPO Survey 2022 Results

The TODO Group is proud to announce the fifth annual Open Source Program Management Survey results that examines the prevalence and outcomes of open source programs, including the key benefits and barriers to adoption worldwide. We have open sourced all of our survey results, raw data and graphics in the dedicated repo. People can also download the report as PDF 🚀 Key Findings More Structured OSPOs Adoption of OSPOs or similar programs has risen to 50%, the highest level in 5 years.

Top OSPO resources to explore during August

At TODO we are taking a short break from our monthly community calls during August. The good news is that this might be a great chance to start learning something new from a community! These are some of the most popular resources powered by TODO, helpful sources of information to read through and maybe be inspired by open source leaders involved in OSPOs. 1️⃣ OSPOlogy, the study of OSPOs Recorded videos that share real OSPO Stories and topics that matter.

A New Framework for In-Person OSPO Workshops: TODO Group Seeks Collaborators

As more and more organizations adopt open source initiatives and/or seek to mature their involvement in open source, the OSPO movement is expanding across industries and regions of all types and sizes. Due to the wide range of responsibilities and ways to operate, OSPO professionals usually find it difficult when it comes to implementing OSPO best practices, policies, processes, or tools for their open source management efforts. To help people with these challenges, the TODO Group is introducing a new framework for in-person OSPO workshops.

OSPO Mind Map 2.0 release is out!

TODO Group is proud to announce a new OSPO Mind Map version release. The mind map shows a Open Source Program Office's (OSPO) responsibilities, roles, behavior, and team size within an organization. This post highlights the major improvements done by the community in this new version of the OSPO Mind Map. Updates on Responsibilities section OSPO Mind Map Responsibilities section has new OSPO-specific topics and different sub-sections defined, including: 📘 Develop and Execute Open Source Strategy