Steering Committee Summary Notes 2023 - Part 1

Over the past six months, the Steering Committee members have been diligently assisting the TODO project in its stewardship and strategic goals. This summary aims to provide a concise overview of all the topic discussions and areas of work that the Steering Committee and the program manager have been focusing on during this period. For public disclosure, we include a summary of the monthly meeting notes taken.

Steering Committee Achievements

Update TODO charters and build Ambassador Program

After months of hard work and discussions, the Steering Committee has developed a new version of the TODO charters. The decision to make these changes stems from the remarkable growth of our community across diverse regions and sectors. Additionally, new structures have been added to foster better collaboration with open source stakeholders and provide opportunities for both, individuals and organization’s representatives, to become TODO supporters

Define processes to help the formation and growth of Working Groups

We now have a simplified process for the community to propose and launch new working groups. Proposals can be submitted through OSPOlogy GHDiscussions, and the issue should clearly document the benefits for the community and explain how this working group would assist OSPO professionals. The proposal is later (1) shared with the community to gauge interest and (2) reviewed by the Steering Committee which approves or declines the proposal.

Cultivate relationships with other communities across regions and sectors

There are a variety of active programs that encourage collaboration with other open source communities, projects, and foundations that the SC has reviewed. For instance:

Define processes to review working group efforts and archive inactive initiatives

The SC members voted and agreed that working groups and real-time chat channels can be removed after being inactive over a period of 3 months and giving prior notice to the working group mailing list of channels.

This policy is intended to be added to the upcoming TODO Project Playbook document in the governance repo. People can follow up on the progress (and file their ideas) in the dedicated issue.

Monthly meeting summary (January - August)

[January] SC Expectations in 2023

[February] Refine the Charter (SC Goal)

[March] Building an OSPO Ambassadors Program (Individuals)

[April] Acknowledging Key Contributors to TODO / OSPOlogy

[May] OSPO Survey Call For Partners & Supporting OSPO Professionals in Turbulent Time

[June] OSPO Definition Update Review and Approval

[July] Charter PR LF Legal Review Update & Setting Up in-person SC Meeting at LFMS

[August] Setting Up TODO Satisfaction Survey, SC Nomination Forms, and review of OSPO Survey 2023 Results and Publication Planning

Call for candidates - Steering Committee 2024 elections

TODO is getting ready for the 2024 Steering Committee Elections that will be taking place in October 2023. The Steering Committee shall be elected for their expertise and contribution to the advancement of open source management and strategy within organizations.

In order to become an official candidate for 2024 and gather candidates’ info to help others vote when the election opens, we have created this application form that will close on September 30th.

To become an official candidate, the person must:

  1. Be an active participant/contributor in TODO
  2. Complete the form before Sep 30th.

Candidate’s info submitted in the form will be shared with General Members one week prior to the election starts (Oct 1st).