Top OSPO resources to explore during August

At TODO we are taking a short break from our monthly community calls during August. The good news is that this might be a great chance to start learning something new from a community! These are some of the most popular resources powered by TODO, helpful sources of information to read through and maybe be inspired by open source leaders involved in OSPOs.

1️⃣ OSPOlogy, the study of OSPOs

Recorded videos that share real OSPO Stories and topics that matter. Take a look at OSPOlogy Youtube Channel and learn how organizations like Spotify, Google, RIT, Alliander, Aiven, Bloomberg, Sony, UC Santa Cruz, and more use their OSPOs.

2️⃣ OSPO Mind Map

The OSPO Mind Map schemes the main Open Source program Office's responsibilities, roles, behavior, and team size within the Ecosystem and is also a great tool to explain what your OSPO does or can do within your organization.

An interactive OSPO Mind Map version can be found at:

3️⃣ Templates on OSPO and OS policies

Gathers different OSPO and OS Policies from various organizations such as eBay, GitLab, Google, Linux Foundation, FINOS, Indeed, SUSE, United States Government Services Administration (GSA), Zalando, Yahoo, and more!

4️⃣ OSS Management Tooling List

This list identifies packages and projects that are found helpful for managing open source projects and offices in key areas such as:

5️⃣ OSPO Jobs

Contains a list of published job descriptions related to open source program office (OSPO) roles. People can use these examples when creating a job description of your organization and to get a sense of the types of roles found in OSPOs.

Bonus point: OSPONews

OSPONews can be a good choice to help keep track of Open Source Program Office (OSPO) trends and new resources. It ships every month directly to your inbox!