TODO Ambassadors

TODO OSPO Ambassadors (TOAs) are official advocates within TODO helping the OSPO ecosystem.


The TODO OSPO Ambassador Program encompasses a group of community leaders who provide support, training, mentorship, guidance, and rewards to:


Program requirements for becoming an official TODO OSPO Ambassador are:


As a TOA, you are also eligible for Ambassador specific benefits, such as:

Meet our Ambassadors!

NameOrganizationLocationLocal Efforts
Masayuki KuwataSonyJapan 🇯🇵OSPO Local Meetup Japan
Gergely CsatáriNokiaFinland 🇫🇮OSPO Local Meetup Helsinki
Zhiqiang YuChina Mobile, LF APACChina 🇨🇳OSPO Local Meetup China
Li JianshengLF APACChina 🇨🇳OSPO Local Meetup China
HitomiCuembyLATAM (Mexico 🇲🇽, Colombia 🇨🇴)OSPO Local Meetup LATAM
Angel RamirezCuembyLATAM (Mexico 🇲🇽, Colombia 🇨🇴)OSPO Local Meetup LATAM
Jose Rodrigez RoaTransformenteLATAM (Mexico 🇲🇽, Colombia 🇨🇴, Ecuador 🇪🇨, Chile 🇨🇱)OSPO Local Meetup LATAM

🙋‍♀️ Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the process for becoming an Ambassador?

To become an Ambassador, an individual must review and meet the current requirements. We invite you to submit your application for consideration if you meet the requirements.

Is the TODO OSPO Ambassador (TOAs) a paid position?

No, the TODO OSPO Ambassador is not a paid position. However, TOAs will receive rewards like limited edition swag and exclusive discounts to LF events for their service.

How long does my ambassadorship last?

All ambassadorships will be a two-year commitment. For example, an Ambassador accepted in November 2023 will be an Ambassador until November 2025.

Who do I contact with questions?

For questions, please contact


This Ambassador Program is adapted from the CNCF Ambassador Program, version 2.0, available at

To make changes to this document, please open a PR in TODO governance repo.