TODO Group collaborates with open source projects and foundations to host in-person & hybrid events and local meetups. These events and local meetups unite a diverse range of stakeholders involved in open source, from industry leaders and open source project maintainers to policymakers dedicated to establishing open source program offices and better manage open source operations within organizations.

Currently, we operate in three distinct formats: large global OSPO events under the OSPOCon brand, regionally-focused micro-conferences under the OSPOlogyLive brand and regionally-focused OSPO local chapters organizaed by TODO Ambassadors.


The global in-person & virtual conferences co-located at LF OSSummit related to open source management and strategy for organizations with OSPOs as the vehicle to make open source and innovation happen.

Europe 2024 / North America 2024 / OSPOCon Japan 2024

OSPOlogy Live Europe

A 2 day micro-conference of expert-led panel discussions and roundtable sessions to gain insights into the latest trends and challenges related to open source for organizations across European countries.

OSPOlogyLive Malmö

OSPO Local Meetups

Regular hybrid or in-person meetings organized by TODO Ambassadors. Active Local Chapters include Japan, China, Finland, and LATAM (Mexico and Colombia)

Japan / Mainland China / Finland / LATAM

Past Events - Recorded Sessions