Get started

STEP 1: Join the TODO Chat, Forum and OSPONews

The easiest way to stay updated on the latest trends in OSPOs, job positions, events, and studies is to subscribe to the monthly OSPO Newsletter.

TODO uses Slack for real-time communication and conversations are governed under Chatham House Rules. Within Slack, you’ll find our #general channel, along with various regional and working group-focused channels (learn more about TODO group’s community structure). Conversations in these chat channels are also anonymized and mirrored in the OSPO forum via GitHub Discussions.

Additionally, we offer community mailing list. Joining this list will enable you to receive invitations to our monthly meetings and stay informed about important updates within the community.

Subscribe to OSPONews Join TODO Chat Join Community Mailing List

STEP 2: Attend some monthly OSPOlogy Panel Discussions

These meetings have featured OSPO-related topics with special guests and community discussions.

Watch past recordings Become an OSPOlogy guest

STEP 3: Explore TODO resources

OSPO resources by TODO are open to everyone and available at TODO Group GitHub repo under CC-BY 4.0 Licence. You can see all the resources in the resources section on the website. Remember to check out our OSPO guides for more help getting your OSPO started or implementing best practices. If you have ideas for how we can better support you, open a discussion. We look forward to hearing from you!

STEP 4: Become a Contributor

All TODO resources are developed in the open by our dedicated community of practitioners and you too can be a part of this community! Check out our calendar in the ‘Virtual Meetings’ section to join any of the active working groups. Alternatively, delve into the OSPOlogy repository to begin contributing to projects such as the OSPO Book, the OSPO MindMap, and many more.

Visit our Contributor Ladder to see some next steps for you.

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