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Touchpoint meetings serve as a vendor-neutral space to discuss day-to-day challenges and develop best practices for people managing open source operations and strategy (AKA Open Source Program Offices) to integrate into the organization’s overall infrastructure. We invite guests to deliver a brief presentation, followed by a Q&A session. Guests include:

This collective effort help people to articulate the value of the OSPO work and gather insights to better integrate open source into the organization’s infrastructure, worker’s culture and operations.

There are two kinds of Touchpoints every month, with content being cross-shared between both sessions. Conversations are governed under Chatham House Rules.

Next Thursday TouchpointNext Friday Touchpoint
Theme ⭐️Open Source Software Composition Analysis Tools, OSPO functions in AI and moreOSPO metrics tooling, InnerSource integration and more
Date 📆April, Thursday 25th - 2:00 to 3:00 pm CESTApril, Friday 12 - 5:30 to 6:30 pm CEST
Guests 🙋‍♀️Mirko (LF Europe), Julian (SCANOSS), Lumi
Agenda 📝Thursday AgendaFriday Agenda
Attendees 👩‍💻Broader OSPO / TODO Community and General MembersGeneral Members

Past Meeting Notes - Touchpoint calls

Past Recordings - OSPOlogy Webinars 2023 and 2022

Contributor Space

There are currently three (3) active working groups on concrete areas of focus:

OSPO Book Working GroupCHAOSS OSPO MetricsOpenChain AI Compliance
ScopeBuild a body of knowledge to better understand the role of OSPOs, and share guides and best practices for effectively establishing and managing open source operationsDefine useful metrics; Ease implementation with CHAOSS tooling; Set up best practices and metrics standards for OSPOsOpen discussions about AI compliance programs and ways to build trust in the open source AI supply chain
Meeting Notes NotesNotesNotes
Working RepoWorking repoWorking repoNa
Communication ChannelsMailing ListTODO Slack #wg-ospometrics-chaossMailing List
Moderators & ChairsChairsMatt and GaryShane


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TODO is one of the pillars of the open source management and operations best practices ecosystem at the Linux Foundation. We work with sister projects like SPDX (Software Bill Of Material automation tooling and best practices), OpenSSF (Security best practices, training and tools), OpenChain (Process Management Standards), FINOS (best practices for financial services) and CHAOSS (Project / Community health and sustainability metrics). For more info, visit the LF Management & Best Practices Portal, where communities of Best Practice converge.

Bellow, people can find the OpenSSF, OpenChain, and CHAOSS Calendars