Questions & Answers

Whom is this group for?

The primary purpose of this group is to bring together companies who run open source programs. We believe there are a number of challenges for companies who want to run open source projects and programs effectively. We discovered we had only rarely even shared our own experiences, and formed this group to help improve shared knowledge about running such programs.

Should I join?

There are lots of different ways in which open source is built, used, and released - and there are many foundations, groups, and communities for different aspects of this rich ecosystem. TODO is specifically intended as a forum for companies’ open source program managers to come together. Members generally tend to represent companies who consider open source to be an adjunct their core business.

Which companies are participating?

See the full list of members . If you would like to take part too, please contact us .

What deliverables can we expect to see from the group?

We are currently focussing on establishing membership and confirming a roadmap of activity.

We expect our plans to include work such as:

  • sharing best practices for running large open source programs well
  • codifying criteria or qualities that well-run projects should aspire to
  • tooling & instrumentation that makes it easier to reach and maintain those standards
  • a directory of projects from members that meet some or all of those criteria

Is this a new open source foundation?

No. We’re a group of companies with a common interest who have come together to help solve the problem of utilizing and releasing our own open source software.

How can I stay up to date with TODO?

Follow us on GitHub or on Twitter at @todogroup . Press inquiries can be sent to press@todogroup.org.