TODO Guides Contributing Guidelines

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These Open Source Guides are developed by the TODO Group in collaboration with The Linux Foundation and the larger open source community. They collect best practices from the leading organizations engaged in open source development and aim to help your organization successfully implement and run an open- source program office. We expect these guides to be living documents that evolve via community contributions.


Who can be featured in a TODO Guide?

TODO GH Repo is an Open Source project under CC-BY 4.0 Licence, which means everyone can contribute and be acknowledged as an individual contributor to any of the existing TODO repositories.

There are many ways you can directly contribute to the guides:

  • Feature a new TODO Guide
  • Update existing TODO Guides to fit current OSPO needs
  • Fix editorial inconsistencies or inaccuracies from existing guides
  • Translate guides into other languages

Feature a new guide

If you’d like to contribute by adding a new guide, start by searching through the issues and pull requests to see whether someone else has raised a similar idea or question. If you don’t see your idea listed, and you think it fits into the goals of this guide, please follow the following steps:

Step One: Creation Process

  • Open an issue using the format [TODO Guide] Add the Guide title here: Please tell us about how this guide will benefit the OSPO Ecosystem and interested participants. Also, we will ask about adding an initial draft of the proposed guide (this can be changed later). This issue is raised to the TODO Community reaching for feedback and new contributors.

  • Open a PR that links to the issue: Such PR should make editions to guides folder by adding a file. For instance, if your proposed todo guide is “how to set up an OSPO” the md file should be stated as “”

Step 2: Review Process The TODO Program Manager, Steering Committee, and the TODO Community can provide feedback and review the PR.

Step 3: Guide Publication Once the guide is finished and ready to go. The PR is merged and the guide will appear at

Step 4: Outreach The new guide will be promoted on TODO SM channels, OSPONews and OSPOlogy upcoming sessions. Moreover, the contributors participating in this guide can request to have this guide added as an LF blog post by contacting

These resources were created in partnership with the TODO Group: the professional open source program networking group at The Linux Foundation. A special thank you to Pam Baker for writing assistance and the open source program managers who contributed their time and knowledge to making these comprehensive guides. Participating companies include Autodesk, Comcast, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix, Oath (Yahoo + AOL), Red Hat, Salesforce, Samsung and VMware. To learn more, visit: