Open Source Program Office (OSPO) Easy FAQ

The OSPO Easy FAQ (Work in Progress) addresses key aspects of establishing and running an Open Source Program Office (OSPO), clarifying fundamental concepts and offering practical insights. This FAQ aims to be a go-to resource for navigating the world of open source and building a framework for compliance, strategy, governance, and community within companies.

Please note this aims to be a living document that will be regularly updated to reflect the ongoing progress of the OSPO Simple FAQ

💚 About OSPO FAQ work and contributors

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The OSPO Easy FAQ is still a work in progress. The efforts are being made by members from the Japan OSPO Local Meetup in Japanese, with the support of OpenChain Japan WG and the TODO Group. The original version is being documented in Japanese as part of the bi-weekly OSPO Japan Local Meetups, and the activity is facilitated by Kiyoshi Owada.

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