TODO Whitepaper Guidelines

The TODO Whitepapers inform about specific open source topics demanded by the OSPO community, in order to help the community to understand an issue, provide more documentation, or solve a problem.

How to contribute

There are many ways you can directly contribute to a TODO whitepapaer:

1. Feature a new TODO Whitepapaer

Idea submission:

A request is submitted by opening an issue at TODO governance repo using the tag whitepapaer

Steering Committee Review:

The TODO Steering Committee reviews the proposal

Community feedback:

The issue is shared to the TODO Community asking for feedback and interested contributors.

Creation proces:

TODO PM creates a new repo that gather the whitepapaer content. Bi-weekly sync meetigns can be requested to review whitepapaer’s evolution.

Publication process:

Once the final version for the whitepaper content is approved, TODO PM sends this to LF team to work on design and starts publication and promotion process through the main TODO and LF communication channels.

2. Contirbute to a WIP TODO Whitepaper

Bellow is a list of current WIP Whitepapaers and their dedicated repos. Please check the file on each repo to learn more.


Bellow is a list of published and WIP TODO Whitepapers:

Why Open Source Matters to your Enterprise

This paper, published by the European Chapter of the TODO Group, aims to provide a balanced and quick overview of the business pros and cons of using open source software.

Outbound OSS

A WIP Whitepaper maintained by the TODO European Chapter which content is being managed in a dedicated TODO Org repo. This repo contains documentation and guidance for handling outbound OSS in organzations.